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Firewall E-WALL AP232 under pfSense® CE 3 ports 2GB SSD 16GB
Firewall E-WALL

Firewall E-WALL AP232 under pfSense® CE 3 ports 2GB SSD 16GB

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E-WALL Appliance Firewall AP232 3 ports, installed with pfSense® CE
GX-412TC Quad Core / 2GB / 3 Intel GigE / SSD 16GB - EU Power Supply - 1 Year Warranty Return To Workshop

Firewall router under pfSense® CE for TPE / SME up to 10 Users
Installation benefit of pfSense® CE 2.4.x (Community Edition) included, Firewall ready to use.
GX-412TC quad core processor - 2GB RAM - SSD 16GB storage for OS
2 express miniPCI + mSATA - Support SATA SSD disk and WIFI card support
3 customizable Gigabit ports (WAN / LAN / DMZ)
AES-NI support for VPN encryption acceleration
Fanless low consumption case (10W), no noise
Small footprint - EU / UK / US format power supply

Power supply
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Firewall E-WALL APx under PFsense © CE – 3 ports

A complete and effective Open Source Firewall!

A complete « fanless » firewall appliance for TPE / PME

The Firewall E-WALL AP2X case is equipped with pfSense® software version 2.4.x. This case is very compact, can be equipped with a WiFi card b / g / n or with a LTE 4G card to ensure Internet access.

Powerful, it comes in 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and an internal storage of 16 to 60 GB SSD. The 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to create 3 physical zones, as well as the possibility to create an additional zone with the WIFI extension.
The maintenance of the case can be extended up to 3 years in exchange Express J + 1 or 3 years in exchange Standard to secure your investment.

The box is AES-NI compatible to guarantee the evolutions under pfSense, because the future versions will impose AES-NI as prerequisites during the update of version.

PfSense® software is a free, open source distribution of FreeBSD, specifically designed to be used as a firewall and router, fully managed via a web interface. In addition to being a flexible and powerful routing and firewall platform, it includes a long list of related features and a package system that allows for additional scalability without adding clutter and potential security vulnerabilities to the distribution basic.

Four 1 GHz cores

Three 1GbE LAN ports

DRAM DDR3 – 1333 Mhz

More than 226 MB/s and 185 MB/s in sequential read and write encrypted

Storage SD Card or SSD Disk

PFsense Community Edition V 2.4

Dashboard PFsense E-WALL

A user-friendly administration interface

Router and Firewall

  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • GeoIP blocking
  • Anti-Spoofing
  • Time based rules
  • Connection limits
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Reverse proxy
  • Captive portal guest network
  • Supports concurrent IPv4 and IPv6
  • NAT mapping (inbound/outbound)
  • VLAN support (802.1q)
  • Configurable static routing
  • IPv6 network prefix translation
  • IPv6 router advertisements
  • Multiple IP addresses per interface
  • DHCP server
  • DNS forwarding
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • PPPoE Server


  • IPsec and OpenVPN
  • Site-to-site and remote access VPN support
  • SSL encryption
  • VPN client for multiple operating systems
  • L2TP/IPsec for mobile devices
  • Multi-WAN for failover
  • IPv6 support
  • Split tunneling
  • Multiple tunnels
  • VPN tunnel failover
  • NAT support
  • Automatic or custom routing
  • Local user authentication or RADIUS/LDAP

IPS – Intrusion Prevention System

  • Snort-based packet analyzer
  • Layer 7 application detection
  • Multiple rules sources and categories
  • Emerging threats database
  • IP blacklist database
  • Pre-set rule profiles
  • Per-interface configuration
  • Suppressing false positive alerts
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Optional open-source packages for application blocking

User Authentication

  • Local user and group database
  • User and group-based privileges
  • Optional automatic account expiration
  • External RADIUS authentication
  • Automatic lockout after repeated attempts

Quality of service

  • Optional multi-node High Availability Clustering
  • Multi-WAN load balancing
  • Automatic connection failover
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Traffic shaping wizard
  • Reserve or restrict bandwidth based on traffic priority
  • Fair sharing bandwidth
  • User data transfer quotas

Security System

  • Web interface security protection
  • CSRF protection
  • HTTP Referer enforcement
  • DNS Rebinding protection
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security
  • Frame protection
  • Optional key-based SSH access

Proxy and content management

  • HTTP and HTTPS proxy
  • Non Transparent or Transparent caching proxy
  • Domain/URL filtering
  • Anti-virus filtering
  • SafeSearch for search engines
  • HTTPS URL and content screening
  • Website access reporting
  • Domain Name blacklisting (DNSBL)
  • Usage reporting for daily, monthly, etc.


  • Web-based configuration
  • Setup wizard for initial configuration
  • Remote web-based administration
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Easy configuration backup/restore
  • Configuration export/import
  • Encrypted automatic backup to Netgate server
  • Variable level administrative rights
  • Multi-language support
  • Simple updates
  • Forward-compatible configuration
  • Serial console for shell access and recovery options

Reporting & Monitoring

  • Dashboard with configurable widgets
  • Local logging
  • Remote logging
  • Local monitoring graphs
  • Real-time interface traffic graphs
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Notifications via web interface, SMTP, or Growl
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Networking diagnostic tools

Our pre-equipped and pre-installed Firewall under pfSense® 2.4.x, ready to use!

Our entire E-WALL firewall range under pfSense is equipped with SSD or SD card hard drives. The disks are installed by our technical teams, the firewall is network tested before shipment with the latest version of pfSense, to allow a faster installation in the company.

The different options available:

  • SD Card
  • Disk SSD
  • WiFi b/g/n Card
  • LTE 4G Card
  • PfSense Cluster
  • Centralization of the logs
  • Support 8/18 5/7
  • Firewall outsourcing
  • Remote installation
  • On-site installation

Product Details


Data sheet

Processor Architecture
64 bits
Number of Sockets
Processor Speed
1 Ghz
Number of Cores
Installed memory capacity
2 GB (2 GB x 1)
Disque SSD 30 Go
Number of Ethernet interfaces
3 x Gigabit Ethernet
Power supply
100V à 240V CA - 50/60 Hz
Warranty by EWALL
1 year

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