Synology DS220J NAS Server WD RED 6TB (2x3TB)

Synology DS220J NAS Server WD RED 6TB (2x3TB)

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SYNOLOGY DiskStation DS220J 6TB Hard Disk Capacity
WD RED disks pre-installed and tested in the workshop. Ready to use!
NAS 2-Bay Tower - Internal Maximum Capacity 32 TB - 512MB memory
1 GbE Port - SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" or 3.5" Disk - SSD Support
Product composition:
DS220J 2-slot 3.5" and/or 2.5" Tower NAS - 512MB of memory
2 WD RED 3TB drives
2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

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Synology DS220J NAS Server

An easy-to-use private cloud for everyone

Household Cloud Solution for Data Sharing and Backup

Synology DiskStation DS220j is an entrylevel network-attached storage for your household to store and share photos, videos, documents, and all types of personal data. The 2-bay private cloud solution provides complete and intuitive data protection approaches for you to easily back up computer data and mobile photos, with just a few clicks.

An economical home storage server

Back up all your digital assets with Synology DS220j, a powerful 2-bay NAS with fast data transmission and low power consumption designed for home users.

Quad cores 1.4 GHz

1 GbE LAN port

512MB DDR4

Read performance up to 112MB/s as well as write

Synology Hybrid RAID, Basic, JBOD, RAID 0 and 1

Maximum internal raw capacity 32 TB

Private cloud solution available 24/7 for home users

Forget your USB drives and leave them behind.
Synology DS220j is an entry-level network attached storage system that supports RAID 1 configuration to prevent sudden drive failure.
It only consumes 12.46 Watts during access and 5.06 Watts during HDD hibernation.
The DS220j therefore makes it possible to save energy while being available 24/7, without making a hole in your wallet.
With a high data speed of over 112MB / s sequential read and write 2, members of your household can easily store, share and back up data anytime.


A Simple-to-Use Private Cloud for Everyone
24/7 file server for your household to store, share, and backup personal data
Award-winning DiskStation Manager (DSM) brings intuitive operation flow and reduces learning curve
Seamless File Sharing
Access and share data with any Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® computers or mobile devices
On-the-Fly Streaming
Integrated media server to support multimedia content streaming
Anytime, Anywhere
Freely access private cloud files on-the-go and back up mobile photos with iOS and Android™ apps
Data Guardian
Safeguard digital assets with cross-platform computer backup applications

The DS220J selected by PC Editor’s Choice

« The Synology DiskStation DS220j is an excellent choice for home users looking to create a personal cloud where they can back up their data and share photos, music, office documents, and more. It’s a cinch to install, performed wonderfully in testing, and offers a user-friendly operating system that makes it easy to configure drives, create shared folders, and turn the NAS into a multimedia server. »


Cross-Platform File Sharing and Data Synchronization

Synology DS220j supports comprehensive network protocols, ensuring a seamless file sharing experience across Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® platforms. Cloud Sync keeps your Dropbox, Google™ Drive, Microsoft® OneDrive, Baidu, and Box storage in sync with your personal DiskStation at home. Synology Drive allows you to synchronize files across Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices, effortlessly keeping everything up-to-date. DS220j combines seamless file sharing capability with a high level of security, including HTTPS support, a built-in firewall, and multiple IP and account intrusion auto-blocking mechanisms.

Synology Cloud sync

Centralized backup solution for your digital devices

Synology’s comprehensive multiversion backup solutions protect your digital assets on computers (Windows / Mac) and mobile phones (Android / iOS) against malicious attacks, including the growing threats of encryption-based ransomware.

Your Personal Multimedia Library

DS220j helps you easily manage your multimedia content and share it across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. With Video Station, you can organize your personal digital video library using comprehensive media information. Audio Station comes with Internet radio, lossless audio format support, and provides music playback via DLNA and AirPlay® devices. Photo Station’s intuitive design allows professional photographers to effortlessly organize photos into customized categories, smart albums, and link them to social media sites with just a few clicks. As a brand-new photo solution for personal and home use, Moments promises users a modern browsing experience by offering mobile photo backup, photo sharing, and similar photo detection.

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Cross-platform file sharing

DSM comes with comprehensive support of networking protocols — FTP, SMB2, SMB3 (encrypted), AFP, NFS, and WebDAV — and provides seamless file sharing across Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® platforms

Serveur vidéo 4K

Your complete multimedia center

With the various tools supported by the DS220J, managing your media content has never been easier. Photo Station‘s intuitive design allows you to easily organize photos into custom categories, smart albums and blog posts and link them to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Weibo with just a few clicks. Audio Station comes with a built-in lyrics plugin, internet radio stations, and DLNA® and AirPlay® speaker support for quality playback. With Video Station, you can watch movies and TV shows online or directly through the DS video app on Apple TV.

Cloud Station Backup for PC protection

With real-time incremental backup technology, your data stored on PC can be instantly backed up to Synology NAS, using minimal system resources, which gives you a truly comprehensive and secure private cloud experience.

Sauvegarde de données
 Incremental backup: fast while reducing the impact on performance
Cloud Station offers an optimized PC backup solution. Using incremental backup technology, Cloud Station is able to back up only changed files and split them into even smaller parts, requiring significantly less system resources than traditional backup methods.

 Real-time backup to save you massive data loss

Cloud Station Backup performs the most comprehensive backup jobs in real time. When data is large, real-time backup prevents massive data loss due to unforeseen disasters during backup cycles.
Cost effective
SHR maximizes the data capacity of your RAID when HDDs of different sizes are used.
Easy management
For new users who have little technical knowledge and want to protect their data with RAID technology, a handy installation wizard will guide you through the steps during the first installation.
Instantly add new drives with the click of a button in Storage Manager.
When creating a volume, you can choose to plan ahead and leave some free space that you can use in the future.

Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology

Storage management is easy with Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology. SHR is an automated RAID management system that allows you to easily create and increase storage volumes, as well as migrate RAID types without the need for detailed information about configuring a RAID. SHR allows disk redundancy to ensure your data is protected in the event of a disk failure.

Next-generation file system for better data protection

The Btrfs file system uses advanced storage technologies and optimized snapshots to prevent data corruption and reduce maintenance costs. While ensuring a high level of data integrity, it also offers flexible and efficient data protection as well as recovery tools.

Système de fichiers BTRFS

A shared folder / user quota system provides full quota control over user accounts and shared folders

Snapshot Replication provides storage-efficient, programmable data protection with backups of 1,024 shared folders and 65,000 system-wide snapshots

Folder or file level data recovery helps speed up data recovery for more flexibility for businesses

Self-repairing files detects and recovers corrupted files without user intervention

Easy access to files with QuickConnect

Access files on your Synology NAS over the Internet without the hassle of setting up port forwarding rules, DDNS, or other complicated network settings. QuickConnect lets you connect through a customizable secure address that lets you instantly access media files and work on any internet-connected device at no additional cost.

Logiciel QuickConnect

Sync your files across all your devices

Cloud Station Suite gives you real-time data synchronization across all your devices and other Synology NAS. “Smart versioning” keeps versions of the most important files in order to make better use of storage space. Read more 


Cloud Station Server


Cloud Station Drive


DS Cloud


Cloud Station Sharesync

Works under Synology DSM

Surveillance Station
Collaboration Suite
Serveur tout en un

Surveillance Station

Collaboration Suite

An all-in-one server

A complete surveillance solution for recording, monitoring and management.

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Synology Office, Calendar and Chat ensure secure and high-performance private communication as well as user-friendly organization of content.

Learn more

Save on additional investment by integrating multiple network services, web / messaging services, and management applications on your NAS.

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Sauvegarde Bureau


Desktop backup


An award-winning operating system with an intuitive user interface and powerful capabilities.

Learn more

A simplified backup solution for your Mac, PC and mobile devices.

Learn more

Integrated and comprehensive security tools are constantly updated to respond to evolving threats and to protect your devices.

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DS220J Backpanel

The different elements of the DS220J

  • 1 Status indicator
  • 2 LAN indicator
  • Drive status indicator
  • 4 Power button and indicator
  • 5 Fan
DS220J backpanel
  • 6 USB 3.0 port
  • Reset button
  • 8 Power port
  • 1GbE RJ-45 port
  • 10 Kensington Security Slot

Our NAS servers equipped with professional drives ready to use!

Our entire range of NAS servers are equipped with professional hard drives. The disks are installed by our technical teams, the NAS is network tested before shipment, to allow faster installation in the company.

The different discs available:

  • Western Digital WD BLUE
  • Western Digital WD ULTRASTAR Enterprise
  • Western Digital WD PURPLE
  • Western Digital WD RED / RED PRO
  • Seagate EXOS Enterprise
  • Seagate SKYHAWK
  • Toshiba N300
  • Western Digital SSD
  • Seagate SSD
  • Synology SSD

Product Details


Data sheet

NAS Server
Marvell Armada 385 88F6820
Processor Architecture
64 bits
Number of Sockets
Processor Speed
1.4 GHz
Number of Cores
Number of memory locations
Installed memory capacity
1 x 512 MB - Total 512 MB
Maximum memory capacity
512 Mo
Memory type
Disc type
Number of eSATA ports
Number of disk locations
Internal maximum storage capacity
32 TB
Installed Storage capacity
RAID type supported
Synology Hybrid RAID
Hot swap disk (Hotswap)
Number of Ethernet interfaces
1 x Gigabit Ethernet
Number of USB ports
2 x Ports USB 3.0
Sound level
18.2 dB(A)
Disc models
Western Digital RED
Power supply
100V à 240V CA - 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
7.03 W (Hard disk hibernation)
17.48 W (Accès)
BTU (British thermal unit)
24 BTU/hr (hard disk hibernation)
59.68 BTU/hr (Accès)
Manufacturer's warranty
2 years


Western Digital WDRED series

Disques Western Digital WDRED

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Fiche produit DS220J

Fiche produit Serveur NAS DiskStation DS220J - FR

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