It has been a few weeks since the rumors about a compatibility problem with WD RED "EFAX" drives from 2TB to 6TB!

It looks like it's verified, WD20EFAX, WD30EFAX, WD40EFAX, and WD60EFAX drives using SMR technology are not recommended on NAS systems with heavy load.

Western Digital is releasing a WD RED Plus range that is neither more nor less than the WDxxEFX put back into production (see the photo on the cover of the post).

Western Digital will 'undertake' to take back the EFAXs with an RMA, to replace it with an EFRX (To be verified, data provided through our partnership with Western Digital, but not tested).

EFRX disks are no longer in stock in Europe, a colleague having bought all European stocks (I will not mention his name ...). FYI, prices are soaring on EFRX which are 20% more expensive at the moment.

So for now, and until mid-September, we recommend IRONWOLF discs. Orders will be delivered with IRONWOLF disks totally equivalent to WD RED unless otherwise specified by the customer.

We will come back to the subject at the start of the school year!

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