Synology HAT5300

Synology’s strategy will ask questions about choosing a NAS system!

Synology continues to launch into the world of storage drives. After Synology SAT5200 SSDs, the Taiwan firm wants to become a major player in SATA disks.

The new line of SATA HAT5300 drives for NAS, comes from a capacity of 4TB. These are Enterprise class discs from the manufacturer Toshiba, with firmware specific to Synology.

This is good news, as it allows for more vendors to equip enterprise NAS.

But the bad news is that Synology wants to only guarantee the compatibility of its NAS with its own drives! That is, disks less than 4 TB could be Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba or other manufacturers, but above 4 TB only Synology disks would be in the compatibility list!

A risky strategy that could make QNAP happy. We will see later if this strategy is the most relevant ...

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