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Remove Muhstik ransomware from QNAP NAS servers

Published : 10/08/2019 - Categories : NAS Storage , News
Ransomware Muhstik

Solution to remove Muhstik ransomware from QNAP NAS servers

Small return on the Muhstik ransomware that encrypts the data of QNAP NAS servers!

This ransomware attacks exclusively QNAP NAS servers through security vulnerabilities or password too weak.

Its action is to encrypt your data and ask you for 0.045 Bitcoin to provide you with decryption keys. On the other hand it has the possibility of exfiltrating data from your NAS, which represents a data leak with regard to the RGPD.

Thanks to the reverse engineering of a victim, this one in an unusual way, to recover a list of key of cryptography that it made available and that could save your life!

Here is the procedure offered by the site 2-spyware.com to allow you to recover your data. Link to the procedure …

Still, it is necessary that your NAS servers, whatever the manufacturer, are up to date and that the passwords are complex to avoid an easy intrusion into your systems.

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