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Getting Started with E-WALL APx Firewalls

Published : 10/03/2019 - Categories : , General

Commissioning your Firewall APx, the first steps!

You have just received your Firewall E-WALL APx under pfSense®, you must now configure it.

Two solutions are available:

  • Via the LAN network of the Firewall
    Via serial console port

It is very simple. You have under the Firewall a label presenting the information necessary for the first connection

Important information is:

  • The Firewall address is on LAN (Middle Rj45)
  • User: admin
  • Default password: pfsense

IMPORTANT: When connecting for the first time, please change the default password with a strong password, and keep it out of sight!

Connecting to the E-WALL APx Firewall

  • Connect your firewall on your network with an RJ45 cable on your switch,
  • Change your IP address for,
  • Start your Firewall E-WALL APx and wait for a little music which means that the Firewall has started (about 50 seconds),
  • Take a DOS console on your Windows and run « ping », you should have a response to the ping.
  • Open your browser and launch « »,
  • An error message on the SSL certificate should be displayed.
  • Select « advanced settings »
  • Click on « Continue to »
  • You should have a blue web page, which is the home page of your pfSense® Firewall administration.
  • All you have to do is enter user « admin » and password « pfsense »
  • You are now connected to your Firewall APx, the hardest remains to be done, configure your Firewall to your needs!

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